Did you know WI Homebirth Midwives Accept BadgerCare?

Did you know Wisconsin homebirth midwives are Medicaid providers? That’s right, effective since January 1, 2017 ForwardHeath has covered services provided by homebirth midwives who are licensed under Wis. Stat. 440.982 and enrolled in Wisconsin Medicaid as licensed midwives. ForwardHealth covers maternity and newborn care provided by licensed midwifes including antepartum care, delivery, and postpartum care. Homebirth midwives provide all the traditional pregnancy screens in the comfort of your home. Prenatal and postpartum visits often last an hour or more. It’s important to be exempt from your HMO, your midwife can help you navigate this. Midwives may charge an out of pocket fee for expenses not covered Medicaid such as assistant fee, aqua therapy, blood draws, labor management, lactation support and VBAC’s. It is marvelous that Wisconsin is committed to offering birth options for all Wisconsin families.

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